Which Smartphone Is Right For You?

In the past month or so, several different updates have emerged from the world of technology. The Samsung Galaxy 3, Nokia Lumia 920, and iPhone5 have sparked much debate about the superiority (or inferiority, depending on who you ask) of each phone’s features. While anyone may look upon these upgraded cell phones in admiration and appreciate their unique designs and stellar capabilities, it may be difficult to know which cell phone is right for you. Although websites devoted to technology discuss the various characteristics in detail, it can become easy to get lost in their jargon—pixels and GB’s and LTE’s, oh my! Luckily, Sandwire has provided some tips to make sure your next purchase is the perfect one!

Keep these things in mind while you browse your provider’s store:

  • What type of User Interface would you like to use?

On many tech websites, they refer to the User Interface, or UI, experience. The UI is the home screen or any additional screens you may have on your phone that display your apps, contacts, and other functions.

If you like simple UI’s, then the Galaxy S3 or iPhone5 would be your best option.

  • Do you prefer an Apple or PC?

iPhones work off of an iOS only, which may inhibit certain programs and players. However, it is preferred by those who have owned Apple products for years. All of the other Smartphones work off of a Windows-based OS platform

  • Think of the people you are in contact with the majority of the time—what phones do they own?

If you find that you speak to the same people throughout your day, perhaps it would be best to have similar phones and OS’s to make things flow more smoothly when you send or receive data.

  • Which phone will be adequately supported by your service provider?
  •  Are the accessories for a phone important to you?

Do some research on the most common types of accessories available for each cell phone. If pickings seem slim or undesirable, then perhaps that phone is not for you.

  • Do you often use your phone as a camera?

While all of the phones take beautiful pictures, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Lumia have better quality cameras, while the iPhone5 has a more simple sharing process.


These are just some of the things to consider when you are deciding on which phone to purchase. Remember, you shouldn’t take this decision lightly. A Smartphone is an investment, one that can cost you and your business hundreds of dollars. Do the research that will allow you to feel completely comfortable with your purchase. Oh, and, get insurance.


You’re welcome!

-The Sandwire Team


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